277 attacks on Palestinian ambulance crews by Israeli forces since Oct

By Steve Taggart

It is claimed that there have been 277 attacks against ambulance crews in the Palestinian territories since October. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society  is a humanitarian organisation providing hospitals, emergency medicine and ambulance series in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The society, part of the International  Red Cross, explained that the occupation forces wounded 131 Palestinian Red Crescent paramedics and volunteers, in addition to damaging 76 ambulances.

The most eye-catching of all of the statistics is that Israeli forces have been accused of preventing crews from reaching 70 cases of wounded and sick people.

However. the Israeli government accused the Palestinian Red Crescent of not providing relief to the wounded settlers who were injured in the shooting carried out by a Palestinian near the city of Hebron last Friday, and led to the death and injury of three settlers.

Israel filed a complaint with the ICRC charging that a the ambulance arrived at the scene, where a vehicle carrying seven members of one family who were traveling to pre-wedding celebrations, but did not stop to help once it ascertained that the occupants of the car were Israelis and not Palestinians.

After an investigation, the following Tuesday, the International Committee of the Red Cross rejected allegations that a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance ignored the victims at the scene.

Below is some shocking footage of Israeli forces attacking both ambulance crews and members of the press.

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