£10 million spent by Ambulance trust on redundancies would pay “almost 300 paramedics’ salaries”

Annual redundancy spend would pay almost 300 much-needed paramedics’ salaries for a year says GMB union

Ambulance bosses spent more than £10 million of public money on redundancy payments in just one year, research by GMB, the union for ambulance workers, reveals.

The combined spend on redundancy and other forms of exit packages by the ten ambulance Trusts in England since 2010 is an eye-watering £31 million.

In 2013/14 alone, the Trusts forked out more than £10 million on exit packages.

This spend would pay almost 300 much-needed paramedics’ salaries for a year.

Last year they splashed £4.6 million on redundancy spend.

During the past seven years, the North West Ambulance Service has spent a massive £7 million, while East England Ambulance Service has spent £6.5 million.

These figures came from a Freedom of Information request submitted to the ambulance Trusts by GMB Union.

Kevin Brandstatter, GMB National Officer, said: “It is hugely concerning that Trusts’ increasingly scarce resources are being used in this way rather than on front line care.

“£10 million pounds would pay almost 300 much-needed paramedics’ salaries for a year.

“Our members are there when we need them most.

“They deserve better than this.

“At a time when our emergency services are at breaking point we should be investing in our ambulance services, not cutting them.”

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