William Wallace actor is helping campaign for a Scotland-wide Wallace Day

A William Wallace actor is helping campaign for a Scotland-wide Wallace Day — to celebrate Scotland’s national hero.

“Vote Wallace” was the message being shouted out in Glasgow city centre today (Thur) as an actor, dressed in full Braveheart regalia, encouraged people to back Wallace day.

The reenactor was seen riding around St Enoch Square on a horse – much to the amusement of passersby who couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures.

Riding the 16 hands Cob horse called Dino armed with a claymore and a #VoteWallace placard, the avid Wallace impersonator is backing the commemorative day.

Rusty, who played the part of an extra in the film Braveheart, is supporting a campaign for national William Wallace Day set up by Edinburgh Dungeon.

Edinburgh Dungeon hopes to have the national day on August 23 — when the Scots hero was executed.

The campaign is in response to a survey carried out by the visitor attraction last week.

It found 72 per cent of Scots support a day to celebrate William Wallace, with 42 per cent declaring him the bravest Scot ever.

Rusty, 58, said: “It’s a great idea and about time. You have a Burns night, there should be a Bruce day as well but a Wallace day’s a good idea – he’s a hero.

“He should be more recognised and I believe there should be a Wallace Day. He was forgotten for many years and through Braveheart he was reinvented.”

The survey was carried out by 500 people aged over 16, between June 8, 2018 and June 11.

And more than a third who took part in the study said they have more of an affinity with William Wallace than Saint Andrew.

Onlooker Angela McMahon, 59, an NHS employee, said: “I actually do think it’s a great idea, he’s world-renowned, and the Braveheart film with Mel Gibson raised a lot of awareness.

“I’m all for things that raise the awareness of Scottish heritage.”

Robert Anderson, 55, a web developer, said: “If you look at it from an English point of view they always have big days for national characters.

“Saint Andrew’s Day, I couldn’t even tell you when that is.

“But with St George’s Day and Saint Patrick’s everyone knows when they are. I think it’s a great idea.”

A week-long series of campaigning and petitioning is set to take place from Monday in various locations across the country.

Scots are encouraged to rally together and #VoteWallace.

Poll stations, horseback tannoy’s and Wallace’s army march are just some of the activities planned to mobilise voters.

Lynne Hughes, from the Edinburgh Dungeon events team, said: “It’s been fantastic, the sun’s shining, we’re through from Edinburgh to see the people of Glasgow and campaign for our national Wallace Day.

“People are loving it, it’s great fun. We’ve been really well received.

“Seventy-two per cent of Scots say they want a national day to celebrate William Wallace so we’re going to take it as far as we can because it’s something that we strongly believe in.”

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