Watch – HOLY SMOKE – Daredevil vicar stuns worshippers by fire eating in church

A daredevil vicar is hoping to boost numbers of worshippers attending his Sunday services – by FIRE EATING.

Father Edward Martin has had people flocking to his church with his death-defying stunts.

He even lights the end of a fire stick from a candle in St Andrew’s Church, in Witham on the Hill, near Bourne, Lincs.

He then bravely puts out the flames by placing each of the lit ends into his mouth.

Father Edward – who started fire eating after attending a circus skills workshop 15
years ago – performed his unusual talent after moving to his new parish.

Father Edward Martin – Credit -SWNS

He said he hoped it would encourage non-church goers to attend his services.

He said: “I’ve had a very warm welcome and everyone has been very encouraging. It’s busy but they’ve given me time to find my feet.

“I had to come up with something to get their attention and put across the themes of the service.

“Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and incorporating the fire-eating worked.

“We’ll see whether I use it here. It’s got to be used for getting a message across rather than just for entertainment value.”

Regular worshippers have welcoming Father Edward’s unique talents.

One said: “Anything that get’s more people through the door is a good thing, especially young people who the church desperately need to attract.”

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