WATCH: Ghost captured on pub CCTV camera

Pub CCTV has captured some ghostly goings on. Watch the video below. Real or not real, you decide (please note the featured image is for illustration purposes only. The video is un-doctored)… 

A terrified pub owner believes his pub is haunted after CCTV captured a series of spooky spirits moving furniture – and opening a PARASOL.

Allister Collins spotted the ghouly goings-on through the Tyler’s Kiln cameras, with glasses flying off shelves and lights turning on mysteriously.

Staff and regulars at the pub in Canterbury, Kent, are now convinced that the pub is haunted, and a local paranormal group wants to investigate.

Owner Allister Collins put together the video using clips from a two-month period from August 4.

In it, chairs were mysteriously pulled out, saloon doors swung open and a garden umbrella opened unaided.

Allister said: “I’d always heard stories about the pub being haunted, and staff are always talking of hearing footsteps when no one else is around.

“There’s also a cold spot immediately in front of the bar, even with full heating on.

“Customers regularly move from that spot due to the lower temperature.”

Pub cleaner Amanda Gilbert has experienced more of the haunted happenings than other staff members.

She claims to have seen lights come on while alone in the pub and to have heard noises from upstairs.

Amanda said: “I can hear the saloon swing-gates swing when I am cleaning the front of the pub, and when I go to have a look they are still swinging slightly, but no one else is in.

“One time I walked past the drinks storage cupboard and it was shut with the lights off, but when I came back the cupboard door had opened and the lights were on.

“The electricians checked the CCTV because they didn’t believe me, but it just showed weird distortion and the light coming on.

“Sometimes I hear someone walking around upstairs.

“There are very heavy footsteps, but there is never anybody up there.

“Leaflet holders also disappear from the snug and then re-appear, and when I’m cleaning the toilets downstairs shadows go past the door.

“I’ve always said there’s something creepy about it.”

The ghost of a local mechanic has been suggested as one likely suspect, but Suzanne Sherwood, whose parents used to run the pub when it was the Ivy House, thinks she knows who is to blame.

She said: “That’ll be Gilbert.

“My mum and dad used to live there and run the Ivy House many moons ago and Gilbert made his presence felt, a former landlord.

“Prawn cocktail crisp bags disappeared regularly.”


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