Watch – Alleged ‘UFO’ spotted in Bristol

This bizarre video footage shows what one man believes to be an extra-terrestrial visit from an ‘enormous’ UFO over his street. Mike Westlake, 28, shot the mobile phone footage showing three large, bright lights in the shape of a triangle flashing in the same straight line through the sky.

He said the unidentified lights – which remained in the sky for ten minutes – made no noise. Forklift truck instructor Mike said: “It really weirded me out. I don’t usually believe in UFOs or anything like that, so that’s why it was so weird.”

“I have got a motorbike so before I go to bed I check and make sure the gate’s shut,” he said.

“I pulled back the curtain to have a look and looked down and saw these lights blinking. I saw three lights and they were moving.”

Mike added: “I didn’t know exactly what it was, I don’t know if it was anything from outer space.

“There was no noise with this and went from left to right and the size was enormous.”

Watch Video Here 

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