Psychic raccoon predicts the outcome of the General Election

This was the moment a psychic raccoon predicted Jeremy Corbyn would win the General Election.

Rocky, who lives at Bristol Zoo, is often consulted on important voting decisions, including who would win last year’s Great British Bake Off.

The tiny mammal, who lives with brother Meeko, was asked to choose from three buckets of treats to indicate who he thought would be the winner.

One featured a picture of Theresa May eating a block of cheese, the other had a photo of Jeremy Corbyn reading ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’, and the other had a question mark, signifying a hung parliament.

Each bucket had a mix of grapes, raisins anf banana placed on top of each bucket – but the catch was that the furry pollster could not see what was on each bucket.

He had not even seen the TV debates.

Rocky briefly considered the hung parliament option but decisvely reached for the Corbyn bucket, placing his paw to indicate the vegetarian leader’s chances.

He then devoured all the treats from all the buckets.

The zoo’s head of presentation, Charlotte Haines, said: “Raccoons in general are very intelligent and inquisitive, and while Rocky is quite lazy he does love to entertain.

“I don’t think Rocky has read any of the manifestos, but I think one key pledge he would like to see is a dustbin full of free bananas for every raccoon in the UK.”

She added: “Rocky does enjoy a general election, so I have high hopes for this one.”

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