Neighbour draws double yellow lines around parked car and writes ‘c*nt’ as roadworks row boils over

Roadworks on a residential street descended into vandalism when a vigilante used spray paint to tag obscene double yellow lines around a parked car.

Workmen had dug up the gutter of the road but failed to paint fresh double-yellow lines – so an irate resident took matters into their own hands with a can of spray paint.

The vandal sprayed DIY double-yellows around a parked car, along with the word ‘c*nt.’

The shocking scene appeared overnight on Jennings Street, Swindon, Wilts., and outraged neighbours.

Kenneth Brown, 38, said: “Where they’ve dug up the road you get people parking.

“It creates chaos along the road. People can’t get past.”

A woman, who asked not to be named, said: “I don’t like to think that I’m living on a street where people are like that.”

Councillor Jim Robbins, who represents the Mannington and Western area, said: “I heard reports of the graffiti early this morning and reported it to the parish and the council.

“The parish manager responded immediately to say that they would have a team out today to deal with it.

“The ward councillors have been pushing the borough to get the yellow lines repainted which is causing the parking problems in the area, but keep getting vague assurances about when they will be done.

“I am getting increasingly angry about the lack of work done in Rodbourne.

“We are still waiting for responses from the leader of the council on the traffic issues residents are having each weekend.”

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