Man went drinking then went home & stabbed his housemate to death & chopped off the victim’s PENIS

A man went drinking then went home and stabbed his housemate to death – and chopped off the victim’s PENIS, a court heard.

Jeffrey Barry, 56, went to two bars and consumed a litre of rum before he stabbed Kamil Ahmed 25 times at their home.

CCTV footage at the flats from the night of Ahmed’s killing captured Barry leaving the Bristol flat in the early evening on July 6, 2016.

He spent several hours drinking at Charlie’s Bar in Wells Road and Long Bar in Old Market before returning to the flat just before midnight.

Footage captured him leaving the flat at 1am, wearing just his pants, and making a telephone call in the hallway.

He ended the call at 1.26am, and next appeared on CCTV footage three minutes later, emerging from his flat shirtless but wearing trousers with a knife in his pocket.

Having knocked on Mr Ahmed’s door, he then knocked on another housemate’s door, before knocking again at Mr Ahmed’s.

Jeffrey Barry (bald, centre) sits in the dock at Bristol Crown Court in this sketch. 

When the Kurdish refugee opened his door Barry went in – emerging 42 minutes later with blood visible all over his clothes.

He then walked back down to the hall, and at 2.15am dialled 999 and told the operator he had killed Mr Ahmed.

The paranoid schizophrenic phoned a psychiatric nurse at the time and told her he had drunk a litre of rum and felt like punching an “Asian” person in his flats.

Barry earlier told a psychiatrist he could hear the devil’s voice telling him: “Kamil must die, he is a very bad man.”

Barry, who is on trial at Bristol Crown Court, denies murder but admits manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

He had been arrested and sectioned under the Mental Health Act a month earlier after displaying “bizarre”, over-sexualised behaviour, including masturbating naked in communal areas.

But the Mental Health Tribunal decided that Barry was fit to be discharged – despite talking about killing Mr Ahmed.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Roger Thomas said: “The Mental Health Tribunal is a court of law. My clinical view is he should not have been discharged by the Mental Health Tribunal.”

The case continues.



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