Man dies after choking on a kebab while drinking down the pub with his mates

A man died after choking on a kebab in the toilets of his local pub.

Dai ‘Radar’ Rees, 51, was enjoying a night out with friends when he popped out to buy the snack at 9pm.

But he returned to the bar choking and ran to the toilet – where his friends later found him unconscious.

Freelance journalist John Adey, 68, was drinking with Mr Rees at The Lamb Inn in Cardigan, west Wales, at the time of the tragedy.

“He went to get a kebab and began coughing while eating it,” he said. “He went to the toilet and no one thought anything about it but he choked and died.

“It was very sad.”

He described Mr Rees, who lived alone in a flat in Cardigan, as a well-known character around the town.

Dai Radar Rees. 

Nicknamed ‘Radar’ because of his big ears, he leaves behind his mother, who also lives in the town.

Lamb Inn landlord Jamie Bowen, 43, met Mr Rees for 20 years ago. “He was a very nice person that was always willing to help,” he said.

Police say his death on Saturday September 9 is not being treated as suspicious.

Dai Radar Rees. 

A spokesman for Dyfed-Powys police said: “We received a report of a sudden death of a 51-year-old at the Lamb Inn public house, Cardigan, at 10.10pm on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

“Next of kin and HM Coroner are aware.”

His funeral was held at Bethania Baptist Chapel, Cardigan on Tuesday, September 19.


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