Ice cream made with SPROUTS is on menu in Scottish cafe

Ice cream made with SPROUTS is on the menu in a Scots cafe in the run up to Christmas.

Brussels sprouts ice cream, flavoured with peppermint, is being served up at ice cream parlour Mackie’s 19.2 in Aberdeen.

Every serving is topped with a frozen Brussels sprout, and is cabbage green in colour, while the ice cream is made with real sprouts and a peppermint oil.

Ice cream parlour manager Yvette Harrison said: “It’s not quite one of your five-a-day but it’s the dream ice cream for brave sprout lovers.

“We’ve even had some customers saying that it would go really well with bacon.

“We always try to get something on the menu that’s a bit more experimental.

“We love playing with flavour and we thought that for a one-off Christmas special, sprout ice cream would be a fun option.”

Pauline MacLeod, new product development technologist, said: “We tried and tested a few different recipes before we developed this one – we tried cooked sprouts, raw sprouts and puréed sprouts.

“The flavour is, as you’d expect, very sprout-y – but with mint through it.

“It’s a natural flavour and it has been made using real ingredients.

“We’re really happy with the end result.”

by Sarah Ward

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