Cockatoo has been banned from eating crisps

A cockatoo whose overindulgence left her feeling as sick as a parrot has been banned from eating her favourite treat – cheese and onion crisps.

Cindy the cockatoo was taken to the vets because her owners feared she was suffering from depression – but medical tests revealed she was sick from eating fatty treats.

Her owner, Brian Lambert, revealed Cindy can’t resist cheese and onion crisps, cheese and toast and oven chips as occasional treats.

Sadly, these rich foods designed for humans were causing Cindy to suffer from sickness and diarrhoea.

The nine-year-old grey and pink Australian cockatoo’s high in fat diet was questioned by Gilmour Vets in Durham, North East., when they saw she had serious gut and liver problems and changed her eating habits immediately.

Brian, who has owned Cindy for four years, said: “I didn’t realise sunflower seeds were high in fat.

“They’re a healthy treat for humans so I thought it was the same for birds – I’m sure other bird owners thought the same.

“Now she has changed her diet, she is feeling so much better now we have changed her diet.”

Gilmour Vets Clinical Director, Deborah Stafford, changed Cindy’s diet and is warning bird owners about the danger of feeding too many sunflower seeds and other treats.

She said: “Birds like Cindy are sunflower seed junkies as they are incredibly tasty and appealing, but can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

“We are carefully changing Cindy’s diet to a complete balanced diet in pellet form and her health is really improving.

“She is much better now and even the colour of her feathers has improved with the right diet.”

Owners worried about their pet’s weight or diet should contact their vet.

By Mellissa Dzinzi

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