A football team’s lost ball in Norfolk turned up a LONG way from home

A lost English football has washed up on a beach 250 miles away in Germany.

The sodden ball – which had the name ‘Stalham Baptist’ written on it – navigated the North Sea to reach Baltrum Island off Germany’s north coast.

It was picked up by German tourist Thomas Selinger, who set about researching the name on the internet.

He came across the Stalham Baptist Church FC (SBC) in Norfolk and emailed them about their missing ball.

Thomas, of Freiburg, Germany, wrote: “Some weeks ago we went to the small Island Baltrum in the Northern Sea, Germany.

“On a sunny day we walked along the dunes as I found a football with the inscription “STALHAM BAPTIST”.

“The football was wet and heavy. I asked myself where this ball was coming from, and later I researched and found you in the internet.

“Did this football found the long way over the ocean from GB to Baltrum, Germany ???

“Very interesting.

“Finally, I gave the ball to some children who played in the sand on the beach and they were happy about their new friend.

“That´s a little story I wanted to tell you and maybe you know the answer.”

Josh Holebon, manager of Stalham Baptist Church FC, said they are still unsure how one of their footballs has managed to make its way to Germany.

He said: “It’s a complete mystery how it found its way 250 miles (400km) across the North Sea.

“Our best guess is someone took the ball to the beach in Norfolk and it went in to the sea and found its own way across.”

David Child, one of the leaders at Stalham Baptist, said: “A big thank you to Thomas for tracking us down.

“Perhaps Josh and the SBC team has found a unique way of spreading the name of Stalham Baptist Church to the world.

“Who needs a message in a bottle when you can use the world’s favourite game?”

Photo: stock image

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