Watch – Terrified residents feared another “terror attack” after London shooting incident

This is the terrifying moment residents feared there was another “terror attack” in London after a moped gang were spotted fleeing a stabbing – wielding a SHOTGUN.

Onlookers said they heard “five bangs” before a yob on a moped screeched to a halt carrying a passenger brandishing a shotgun. A film, taken by a frightened local on Tuesday (6th) night, shows the moped driver and his armed passenger rowing with a gang on the pavement in central London.

Onlookers on the estate in Camden, north London, said they heard ‘five bangs’ as one of the passengers fired off shots.

The 56-year-old man who filmed the incident, said: ‘I heard about five loud bangs and I thought they might be car backfiring.

‘I looked over the balcony and saw two motorcycles with passengers armed with shotguns and knives.

‘There was a gang of youngish people chasing them also carrying improvised weapons.

‘Suddenly one of the motorcycle passengers opened fire with shotgun. As far as I know no one was hit.

‘Then he reloaded.

‘I was greatly shocked and thought this might be a terror attack so I took out my phone and began filming.

‘I was in a state of shock.

‘I think the moped attack gang problem has become much worse recently.

‘To see and hear a shotgun fired directly near me was shocking, especially in the light of recent terrorist attacks.’

Police confirmed they were called to the Grays Inn Road area at around 11.40pm on Tuesday, 6 June to reports of gun shots.

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  1. Craig

    I don’t think the police can do much. At best they are 10 minutes away. And the crime wave is so intense with dozens of robberies a day. They simply cannot respond in time to protect you.

    Remember that the police force is quite a modern invention. Before that, people used to protect themselves.

    People need to look out for each other. If the police cannot protect people, then what can people do to protect themselves – if you cannot fight, then flight is the best alternative. Get fit in the gym, and go jogging regularly.

    Be observant of any mopeds near by, especially if they have a pillion passenger.
    If you see two men on a motorcycle, and they are wearing masks, then be very wary.

    It would be good if people were allowed to carry mace, like they do in the USA, since it stops an assailant without causing permanent damage, and prevents them leaving the scene or driving away until police arrive.

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