Watch: Southern rail workers chuck dirty water on homeless man outside train station

Footage of Southern rail workers chucking dirty water from a mop bucket on a homeless man has resulted in outrage on social media.

A film has emerged of two station staff tipping soapy water on the man as he laid on the ground outside Sutton station.

He appears to be pleading with one of the employees who continued to pour water regardless.

The homeless man’s belongings, which were next to him, also get drenched.

A passenger who shot the footage yesterday told the Sun Online: “I’d been watching him lying in the sun when the Southern worker came out with a mop and poured the water on him.

“It was really dirty water, like they had been using it to clean the floors inside.

“I had to film because I couldn’t stand by knowing we are all just three or four steps away from being in that situation ourselves.

“It was disgusting behaviour.”

The woman said the workers told her the homeless man was causing problems before they poured water on him.

But she has slammed their excuse – claiming they should have called the police to deal with him properly instead.

Watch the video in full below:

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