WATCH: Shocking footage shows fuming farmer repeatedly ram hunt sabs with his quad bike

Shocking footage shows a raging farmer mow down a hunt saboteur with his quad bike – while screaming “get off my land”.

Violence erupted when members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs filmed the Atherstone Hunt on Saturday (14/10) afternoon.

The farmer, dressed in green John Deere overalls, drives a quad bike up to three men and shouts at them to “get off my land”.

He then jumps off the bike before pushing one of the sabs into a ditch before turning on the other two protesters.

As the men walk backwards along the track, the man continues to drive at them with his quad bike, shouting: “You are on private property, I can do what I want.”

In one shocking moment, the thug ploughs his quad bike into one of the sabs, knocking him off his feet and into a ditch.

The driver is then heard boasting: “That’s one more, does anybody else want some?”

This is the shocking moment a farmer was caught on camera driving a quad bike at a group of fox hunt demonstrators.

This is the shocking moment a farmer was caught on camera driving a quad bike at a group of fox hunt demonstrators.


The video was filmed during the fox hunt near the Leicestershire village of Ratcliffe Culey.

When three men reach a road by the track, a bald man points at the protesters’ camera and says, “Film me you little bitch and I’ll kill you.”

A younger man in a grey t-shirt tells the group: “F**k off d**kheads, I’ll whip me n*b out in a minute for the camera if you want.”

A spokesperson from West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: “This was absolutely shocking violence from the Atherstone Hunt, the saboteurs were just standing peacefully filming the hunt when they were violently attacked out of the blue.

“We were just standing on the track filming the hunt and then out of nowhere this quad bike sped up to us – that person has attacked us previously.

“He just immediately started laying punches.

“When we kind of got ourselves together and tried to walk away to defuse he starts ramming us with his quadbike.

“The people hit by the quad were extremely lucky not to have been hospitalised with serious injuries.

“The one person could have been seriously injured, he went at him with speed – if the quad bike carried on it could have landed on him in the ditch.

“The guy who attacked us has been at hunts before and has attacked us previously.

“Despite what he said on the video he’s not the landowner, we have searched Land Registry.

“When we get back to the road the other hunt parties start joining in and one was trying to get his penis out, which was bizarre.

“I don’t know why any normal person would think to do that.

“It’s the kind of mentality these people have really.”

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs had previously filmed the same hunt supporter running at saboteurs with an iron bar, but no further action was taken by police.

Leicestershire Police have been informed about the latest incident.

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  1. Jessica trerise

    A really one sided written article. No quotes from the farmer or the hunt, just the hunt saboteurs who are on his land, his home, filming. He has a right to chuck them off and they don’t listen to anything farmers say and don’t respect private property. I’m gutted he did this in terms of giving the sabs something to write about and one sided reporting like this. Twelve year olds could do a better job.

    1. Jennifer Trudeax

      Are you joking? First off, these individuals were not threatening anyone, simply documenting a highly controversial activity as part of peaceful protest. Peaceful protest and documentation (including photography and videography) being the cornerstones of democracy.

      He has a legal right to ask them to leave if he has title to, or legal possession of the land, and he has a right to call the police if they refuse. According to the victims they do not believe he has the title or possession, which means that he does not have the right to ask them to leave. But EITHER WAY he has no right in law to attack, or to commit attempted murder against peaceful protesters, even ones who are trespassing on his land.

      It’s unsurprising that it’s a one sided article, since only one side assaulted the other with fists and a vehicle.

      1. adam

        He has a legal right to phone the police, but the police have no jurisdiction with regards trespassing. The police will do cock-all to remove them.

  2. Pamela Kelly

    We the public need people to provide evidence of either observance of the law or law breaking. Obviously any observance of the law would be to the benefit of the hunt, whereas to attack anyone filming for evidence of either sort indicates a fear of something. Is that a fear of being shown to be acting unlawfully? We only know the answer to that if there is indeed evidence collected. As it is it’s ended up with evidence of assault so the hunt supporters have put themselves in the wrong. How foolish.

    Do we want quotes Jessica from people who can’t stick to the law on assault and think democratic behaviour includes exposing one’s penis? I think the answer is yes, the reporter could have asked for quotes, but perhaps we will get them via a court case instead where any contempt for democratic rights to peaceful protest can be properly examined. I think you will find that property rights do not include violence when there is no threat to the owner or property.

  3. Certainly don’t feel sorry for these deluded protesters against things they don’t understand. Foxes are nasty animals and a pest, especially in farming country. So killing them is good sense, both economically and for the other animals they predate and we could have eaten. Same useless renta mob ceasing proxy outrage with both hands on behalf of the rest of us who so aren’t bothered, guys. Really. Bet they campaign against fracking, nuclear power, GM food and all the other things that make modern life better for almost everyone, including them. If they weren’t there making a pointless nuisance of their delusional self absorbed selves, there would be no one to attack. Are these people from country communities? Doubt it. Perhaps we should put these pathetic professional urban protesters in a home so they can’t annoy people with their anti social behaviour and beliefs? They could go and live with the vegan Amish. BTW, Isn’t it illegal to film people w/o their permisision?

    1. Jilly

      No it’s not illegal to film people without their permission.
      Foxes eat rabbits, mice and rats. Isn’t that economic sense? Saves farmers on ‘average’, £9000 a year.
      Fracking, nuclear power ( Fukashima and Chernobyl), GM foods that so many have allergies against,
      Many come from country communities, Many come from towns. Why should they be subjected violence, bullying and sexual harrassment . just because this happens around fields where no one can see what goes on doesn’t make it right. On Westminster Bridge this year it was called terrorism. Don’t forget that.

    2. Jason

      “Foxes are nasty animals”, and who the f%$£ gave you the right to decide which animals are “nasty” and should be wiped off the face of the planet? It’s this kind of ridiculous anthropomorphism of animals that allows heartless, gormless idiots to justify their desire to kill anything that annoys them. While most of the civilised world is trying to re-introduce old species, and return the wild ecosystems back to natural health, we in the UK are still trying to convince idiots not to slaughter the few species we have left.

    3. Andy

      Pest control is not illegal. Using dogs to hunt (which is for sport) is what is illegal. Stop commenting online if you are this stupid because you actually weaken “your” side with your low quality position.

    4. Gwyn

      Given the accusations levelled at these people, I am surprised by the blatant hostility that is put here on show to everybody, that – perhaps unintentionally – backs up completely everything that they are saying.

      It is understood that while rural authority turns a blind eye to law-breaking with regard to animals, it can never countenance physical abuse levelled at humans, regardless of who owns the land on which the assault takes place.

      It is worth remembering that human rights in law are not surrendered even if trespassing and assault does not need to be physical to be illegal. People need to remember that fact.

      The comments aired here by hunt supporters are subjective support for the violent attitude alledged.

  4. dave

    i don’t give a fuck about foxes – one of them ate my cat , or hunt saboteurs or huntsmen. In fact why am I even here? I guess I must just like reading the crackpot nonsense that a ballbag website like this attracts. Nasty is wrong as Jason points out, ‘cuntish’ would be a better adjective to use. We now have to pay in my neighbourhood to have ‘road kill clean up’ cos as the hunt no longer kills them very large numbers are ending up stencilled in the radial tread of the Land/Range rovers and Mercedes of the local population.

  5. Stephen Coomber

    If someone turned up in your garden, with a camera and invaded your privacy on your property might you be upset if they didn’t immediately leave? Might you push them? the farmer found their behaviour offensive and offered some offensive behaviour of his own. I don’t condone it, but if people deliberately go onto private land with the intention of creating confrontation, they might expect a robust response. Eradicating foxes is legal and desirable. It is only hunting with dogs which is currently illegal. This is an attempt at mob rule.

    1. Carl

      Many hunts enter people’s gardens all the time without their permission. There have been high profile cases recently where a fox was killed within the grounds of a care home in front of distraught residents, and where they entered a sanctuary in pursuit of a fox and some cats are still missing. Most of the people whos gardens they run through are very unhappy about them being there, some who even had supported the hunt before changed their minds after the attitude they received when complaining about this because they had children and pets who could very well have been there at the time. 10 seconds on google will give you a lot of photographic and video evidence of this, and not just from sabs videos.

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