Watch – Pensioners fight off newsagent robber

This is the moment a screwdriver-wielding thug tried to rob a newsagents, but was thwarted by its elderly owners.

The CCTV footage shows the man bursting into Pitville Convenience Store in Cheltenham, Glos, and demanding that shop owner Dolly Karim, 75, hand over the till.

Incredibly, the brave gran-of-eight refuses, instead picking up a wooden stick stashed behind the counter and whacking him with it.

The yob, in his 30s, makes a dash for the with the till in his arms. But before he can escape, Dolly’s husband Gulamai Karim, 76, rugby tackles him to the ground.

The robber then gets to his feet and runs off – leaving the till, stashed full of money, and his metal weapon behind.

Dolly and Gulamai, who have owned and run the shop since 1980, were shaken but almost uninjured. Dolly suffered a cut to her hand from the screwdriver.

Police are investigating after the attempted robbery, at Pitville Convenience Store in Cheltenham, Glos., at 8.30pm on Sunday.

The couple, who have three children, are “shaken” but relieved that no one was hurt.

Watch video here

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