Watch – Newly born baby girl BURIED ALIVE rescued after her feet are seen sticking up

A group of villagers have discovered and saved the life of baby girl found buried in the dirt. It is thought that the poor little child was only around six hours old and had been left to perish in the ground.

However, a young child spotted the new born’s feet emerging through the dirt and alerted adults in the village, in India.

Once the baby was dug out, in the Jajpur district in Odisha state, she was taken to hospital where she was kept alive, due to the hard work of the medical teams.

The medical staff have called he “Dharitri” a Sanskirt meaning “the earth.” Sadly in some parts of India, suffering from extreme poverty, families desperately want sons and are not able to raise daughters. In some cases, like this, they go to extreme methods to not have to raise another female in the family.

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