Watch – Moment Homeless man is ‘heartbroken’ after bin men throw away photos of dead son

This is the shocking moment a council bin man trashes a homeless man’s possessions while his back is turned. The rough sleeper had set up ‘home’ on the streets of Cambridge but after moving from his spot, refuse collectors were quick to bundle away his possessions.

He said: “I had the only three photographs of my son which I own which they dumped. It is just shocking. He died three weeks ago in a car crash. He was in care because his mum died of cancer. I was living in London and came here to Cambridge after his funeral two weeks ago.

“I don’t see why they have to do this. It is heartbreaking enough to lose a child but now I have nothing. It’s hard to even talk about it.”

A Cambridge City Council spokeswoman said the authority was legally obliged to clear up the streets.

She said: “We have a legal duty to keep the city’s streets safe, clean and accessible for all; and work hard, with the support of partners, to make the city centre an attractive, vibrant and enjoyable place to visit.

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