Watch – Moment bystanders LIFT a car off a school boy

This is the heroic moment passers-by rushed to help a seven-year-old boy who had been mown down by an out-of-control car – by LIFTING it off him. Remarkable footage shows around 15 people heaving the two tonne Mercedes A Class off the youngster, before hauling him to safety.

The boy was involved in a collision at around 8.40pm on Sunday (7/5) on St Peter’s Road in the Highfields area of Leicester. Police and paramedics dashed to the scene and the boy was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in nearby Nottingham.

One eyewitness, Vijay Vadgama, 23, described hearing a huge “bang” outside of his flat.

“All I could hear was just people shouting ‘stop, stop, stop’ at the top of their voices,” he said.

Mr Vadgama continued: “I could see the boy trapped under the car. Clearly the boy had been hit.

“I could see the mum walking up to the traffic lights, clearly thinking that he would be there.”

The witness started filming as passersby came together to try lift the car off of the boy.

“People came from everywhere and started lifting the car off him,” Mr Vadgama said.

“There were people who live in the area and people coming out of the church, they all came together.

“They were able to get it off him very quickly.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly the community came together to rescue the boy from underneath the car.”

A Leicestershire Police spokesperson said the driver of the vehicle was uninjured in the incident and had committed no offence.

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