Watch – McDonald’s apologise for refusing to serve 15-year-old diabetic

James Ellis, 15, was feeling shaky and unwell but was asked to PROVE he had the condition before he was allowed to order at the branch in Yardley, Birmingham. He was eventually sold two burgers after he emptied the medical contents of his diabetic pouch on the counter. His mother Victoria Ellis said James, who was diagnosed with type one diabetes three weeks ago, had gone to the chain with four friends on Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs Ellis, 40, said: “They wouldn’t serve James because he was with this lad, but they weren’t standing together – he was outside.

“ James explained that his sugar level was very low and was he feeling shaky and told them: ‘I’m diabetic, I need to eat.’

“He phoned me and said ‘they won’t serve me, my sugars are low’.

“They wouldn’t serve him for 10 minutes and asked him to prove he was diabetic.

“He emptied his pouch on to the counter, his insulin pen, needles, blood glucose strips and blood monitor were all on the counter.”

The furious mum-of-three said: “They defended themselves and left it. This was in the restaurant full of people.

“I want an apology and there should be staff training on how to handle these situations.

“I’m angry because my son needed to eat. It’s outrageous.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson claimed James was initially denied service as he was part of a badly-behaved group.

She added: “Unfortunately, there have been isolated incidences of anti-social behaviour in our Coventry Road, Yardley, restaurant where a small number of individuals have demonstrated unacceptable behaviour.

“Our priority is to ensure that our restaurants are safe and welcoming environments for customers and colleagues alike.

“We take a zero tolerance approach when it comes to anti-social behaviour and those that cause disruption will be asked to leave.

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