Watch – Man reverses into his girlfriend before attacking her is caught on dash-cam

By Courtney Greatrex

A man was jailed after he was caught on dash-cam running over his girlfriend’s foot and bundling her into his car.

Ashleigh Earl, 25, has released harrowing footage of the moment jobless Jack Cann, 22, reversed into her in December.

The brute forced her into his car and in a two-hour ordeal beat Ashleigh with a log before she escaped.

Last month, videos caught on a motion-sensor dash-cam and Ashleigh’s iPhone saw the thug jailed for 56 months at Reading Crown Court.

He was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm, making threats to kill, dangerous driving and driving whilst disqualified.

Ashleigh from Bracknell, Berkshire, said: “Watching the footage brings back horrific memories but I am glad it exists as it proves what a monster Jack is.”

Now, Ashleigh, who does not work, is urging other women to have cameras fitted on their vehicles for safety.

She added: “The streets are safer with cameras to catch thugs like him in action.”

Ashleigh and Cann met through Facebook in October and dated for two months prior to his attack on December 22.

At 2am Ashleigh noticed Cann waiting outside her house in his MG ZR.

Ashleigh said: “I had no idea why he was there as we had no plans to meet.

“I went and told him to turn his engine off as it was late but he ignored me.

“20 minutes later I went back outside to confront him, filming on my iPhone.

“Suddenly he got out of the car and started yelling, accusing me of being with other men.”

In the 66-second iPhone footage, Cann is then seen reversing over Ashleigh’s foot as she screams in agony.

Footage from the camera in Ashleigh’s pink Astra VXR shows Cann drag her into to the front seat and speed off.

Ashleigh recalled: “Jack ignored my pleas to stop and three minutes later crashed into the back of another car.

“The tyres blew out then the car smashed into a fence and plunged into a ditch.”

Ashleigh ‘tried to run’, but Cann dragged her back to Barkham Woods, Berkshire, ‘by her hair’.

“He hit me with a log then plunged my head into a stream and held it under,” she said.
“Then I heard him ring my sister and shout that he was killing me and would kill himself afterwards.

“I was in the middle of nowhere and convinced I was going to die.”

Finally, Ashleigh managed to escape Cann’s grip.

She recalled: “I ran on my broken foot for over a mile to a main road, so terrified I could barely feel the pain.”

On her way she was met by Thames Valley Police who were searching for her – and Cann was arrested.

Ashleigh was rushed to Royal Berkshire hospital and told she would need an operation to repair permanent damage in her foot.

When she submitted her videos, police praised her ‘quick-thinking’.

Cann pled guilty to the ordeal at Reading Crown Court last month.

She said: “I faced him in court as I wanted to know why he attacked me. But he said he didn’t remember.
“The emotional trauma was far worse than the physical and the fact he wouldn’t give me a reason made it worse.

“For weeks I was scared of going out of the house or getting in the car.”

With Cann now jailed, Ashleigh is ‘slowly recovering’ – but warns other women to have dash cams fitted to ensure safety.

She added: “If I hadn’t my attacker may never have been sent down.”

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