Watch – Man ditching his walking stick and breaking into dance by a busker

An elderly man who ditched his walking stick and started dancing in the street in front of a busker has become an internet hit.

The mystery dancer was walking past a saxophonist on a wet day in Nottingham city centre when he suddenly started boogying.

Street photographer Linda Wisdom captured the pensioner’s dance moves while filming busker Mogs Morgan on Clumber Street on Sunday (14/10) afternoon.

Since the 40-second clip was posted on social media, thousands of people have viewed and shared it around the world.

One Twitter user wrote: “Who is that dude! You know he only uses that stick to make sax shapes. Beautiful moves.”

Shopper Jane Fenton, 40, of Hucknall, Notts., said: “I was shopping with my two girls when we stopped to listen to Mogs who is a bit of a Nottingham legend.

“Suddenly this old guy started dancing which was just brilliant. On a cold wet day, it
brought a smile to everyone’s lips.”

Watch Video Here

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