Watch – IDIOT slides down roof of 70ft high building

Nail-biting footage shows a daredevil reveller sliding down the slippery roof of a 70ft building – while his mates egg him on. The ‘drunk’ lad, thought to be in his twenties, is seen navigating the five-storey block of flats after apparently being ‘dared’ to touch a window. After scaling the roof terrace barrier, the youngster – who has nothing but a flimsy wire fence to steady himself – sits and slides to the bottom of the slope.

The panic-inducing clip then shows him scrambling to rejoin his friends and balancing on a tiny window ledge to stop him tumbling to the concrete below. At one point his pals – standing safely at the top of the slanted metal roof – appear to panic and throw him a piece of fabric. Mark Elms, 27, filmed the man’s antics on his mobile after spotting them through his living room window in Manchester’s Northern Quarter at around 9am on Saturday.

Watch Video Here

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