Watch – Hilarious moment a DOG goes to the bar to order drinks

This hilarious footage shows a man who has taught his DOG to order and pay – for a PINT.

Martin Pawley, 55, filmed the footage of the black Labrador named Max – also known as the “pub dog”.

The adorable footage shows Max standing with his owner Graham outside the Snipe pub, in Oldham, Manchester at the beginning of this month.

Graham can be heard saying to his dog “are you going to get the drinks in?”

Max then waits for the money to be handed to him by Graham, and the pair both walk into the pub to get the drinks in.

To Martin’s surprise, he can be heard saying “what is he getting me a pint? I can’t believe this”.

Max then walks up to the bar and stands on his back two legs with cash in his mouth, waiting to be served.

The bar woman then takes the money from him and Max is seen patiently waiting for his change.

Martin said: “It is really cute and funny.

“I think he has been trained doing this since birth.”

by Yasmin Harisha

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