Watch – Four year old disabled girl reunited with RAF dad

This is the heartwarming moment a British soldier who has served in Afghanistan was reunited with his daughter — months after he was sent overseas on deployment. RAF Sergeant Jon Caffrey, 42, had an emotional reunion at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire as loved ones welcomed him home for 11 days on April 21.

Disabled daughter, Emily is seen running in her “crocodile walker” before being picked up and cuddled in a loving embrace by her hero daddy.

The four-year-old was diagnosed with a brain malformation in January last year, even though she presents symptoms similar to someone who has Cerebral Palsy.

Dental nurse Hannah Caffrey, 37, from Harrogate, West Yorks., captured the magical moment her husband and daughter were reunited on video which has since gone viral.

Jon, who travelled across to Qatar for deployment in January, says he was close to tears after seeing “daddy’s little girl” running towards him.

He said: “The greeting I got from Emily when I arrived back in the UK was more than I could ever of hoped for.

“I have often seen other fathers being greeted by their kids but never knew how special it really was until Emily came running up to me like she did.

“Luckily the video hides it, but I was closer to tears than I like to admit.

“She is a very bright and happy little girl and also very much a daddy’s girl, which makes it all the more difficult to leave her as she understands enough to know daddy is leaving but can’t comprehend how long for or why he isn’t coming home everyday.

“Although I have done several deployments in the past, this is the first time I have been away for any significant period of time since having children which makes it so much harder for both me and Hannah.”

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