Watch – Family have been living in a hotel for THREE YEARS

A council has been ordered to rescue a homeless family-of-five after leaving them “trapped” living in a hotel for THREE YEARS – at a staggering cost of £88,000. The Burns moved into a hotel when they were turfed out their flood damaged private rental flat in 2014 and thought they would be there for a week.

But two authorities spent months arguing over who should look after them before they were declared “intentionally homeless” – putting an end to any council help. Since April 2014 Luke Burns and his wife Olga – both qualified teachers – have been forced to limp from handout to handout to keep a roof over their heads.

Luke said: ‘We are trapped. We can’t afford to move out – it costs a fortune to privately rent – but the council won’t help us.

‘People ask how we got into this situation and the answer really is when you are labelled ‘intentionally homeless’ there is no help.

‘It would be a dream to provide for our family with a roof over our heads.’

Olga added: ‘It doesn’t feel like real life. It feels like a bad dream that I am about to wake up from, and every day I hope I will, but it doesn’t happen.

‘At first we tried to make light of it for the children – pretend it was an adventure – but they know this isn’t how we want to live.

‘This situation has robbed us of years of our lives. We have forgotten what the comfort of home feels like.’

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2 Responses

  1. Paul McConnell

    Who has been paying this £88,000? Why exactly couldn’t that money have been put into finding more permanent accommodation?
    Which councils? Why haven’t they given a statement as to why they aren’t helping? I get that they have used a silly clause to wash their hands of this family but surely they need to be pressured to provide an answer to why they couldn’t provide some sort of help.
    Terrible for this family and I hope the issue is soon resolved. This report doesn’t really give much information though.

  2. Marion Fallon

    I echo Paul’s comments above, think we need to hear a lot more detail about this case, to see why the issue isn’t resolved. Also if they are both teachers, they’ll have more knowledge & ability to help themselves. That youngest, 3 rd child looks well under have had that child while in this situation, I lose all sympathy. That’s irresponsible, disgusting (all sharing a room) & no one “needs to have 3 kids”??

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