Watch – Dashcam footage captures moment a car is flipped onto its roof

This shocking video captures the dangers of driving on Britain’s motorways. Even with an increase in safety measures in cars, crashes are still part of daily life.

In this video, despite being shunted from behind by a van – and then aiding the other stricken driver in his overturned car – Christopher Dye was charged after allegedly remonstrating with the man who caused the accident.

The three-vehicle accident occurred on May 12 last year, on the M62 near junction 22. Mr Dye’s car was bumped from behind by a tailgating van, which then hit a blue Peugeot, which flipped on its roof and skidded down the carriageway, passing Mr Dye’s car. Much of the incident – including the supposed altercation with the van driver – was captured on Mr Dye’s own dashcam.

This dashcam footage was used to bring a charge of driving without due consideration for other road users – a legal catchall for a number offences, including road rage, tailgating and lane hogging – against Mr Dye.

However, on Tuesday 21st March, at Bury Magistrates’ Court, the case against the 27-year-old was dropped after the prosecution were unable to provide any evidence that Mr Dye had inconvenienced the rogue van driver, and Mr Dye walked free.

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