Watch – Brave cop dives into freezing river to save drowning man

PC James Patterson, a qualified lifesaver who swims for the GB police swim team, leapt into action to save the man after he fell into the River Trent in Nottingham.

He entered the water at 4.35pm on February 18th with a life ring tied with a rope and swam to the middle of the fast-moving river and pulled the man to safety.

He had just two metres left on the rope by the time he reached the already unconscious man. A number of other officers, including PC Paul Easter, also worked to pull the man to safety and delivered urgent medical help before paramedics arrived.

PC Patterson said: ‘It’s one of those rare moments where you actually look in the mirror and think ‘well done you’.’

He said ‘adrenaline kicked in’ when he was called to the emergency.

Sergeant Julian Smedley, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: ‘These officers conducted themselves in a truly inspirational way.

‘PC Patterson displayed true courage, selfless commitment and determination. He gave no thought for his own safety.’

Watch video here

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