Video shows crowd ‘in tears’ as pensioner performs duet of ‘Wonderful World’ with busker

This heart warming video shows the moment a pensioner performed an impromptu duet of Wonderful World with a busker – and left the crowd in tears.

Enid Bellamy, 88, stopped to perform with Andy Marshall when she saw him singing in a busy city centre.

Passers by were shocked when Enid belted out a pitch-perfect version of Louis Armstrong’s 1960s classic.

Some people in the crowd at Truro, Cornwall, were filmed reduced to tears as Enid sang: “I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do. They’re really saying – I love you.”

The whole performance was caught on film by Mia Fannin, a 19-year-old massage therapist from Truro.

She said: “The performance was amazing, it was just one of those moments where I just had to stay.

“I stuck around for nearly half an hour, the atmosphere was amazing – I feel that my video really does prove that even our elders can still be young at heart.

“I am so lucky I went into town that day, she gave me goose bumps – such a lovely, kind, friendly lady.

“The gentleman that is usually there is fab too – I enjoy his music, he is so talented.

“All in all, it was just phenomenal!

Andy Marshall, the busker from the video, is a regular sight in the city and draws large crowds when he plays.

He said that Enid had joined in with his songs in the past, but he had not seen her for six months.

He said: “There’s was a huge gathering around us. I was delighted they were filming Enid, there were people drying their eyes in the audience”.

“She loves singing, she used to sing when she was young. It makes her really happy.”

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