Video – Holy man digs through ice to take bath in Himalayan mountains – in minus 13 temperatures

This is the moment a holy man dug through ICE to take an outdoor bath in the Himalayan mountains – braving minus 13 temperatures.

The religious man – considered a local saint – used a spade to dig into the thick ice, with just a cloth wrapped around his waist.

He cracked through into Manimahesh Lake, which sits at 4081m elevation, to get to the water which he scooped out with a metal bowl.

And the clip shows him pouring it over himself without flinching, while chanting mantras, at the lake in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh in India.

A local source said: “He continued to chant mantras while pouring the water – which has a bone-chilling temperature – on his body.

“The Indian saints have a usual habit of bathing with water which has an extremely low temperature.

“They say doing such a thing helps them keep their body temperature in control.”

At the end of the video he films the freezing ice hole he dug to access the water.

by Atreyi Ghosh

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