Video – Breast cancer sufferer left with differently shaped boobs after mastectomy due to NHS cuts

A breast cancer sufferer who had a life-saving mastectomy left with differently shaped boobs – after the NHS refused to lift her other one to match. Mum-of-two Gina Truman, 53, has bravely shared photos of her “monstrous” body after learning that funding for the follow-up procedure was cut in her area.

The cuts in the NHS are beginning to bite with the Red Cross claiming the health service was suffering from a humanitarian crisis. Jeremy Hunt as come under a lot of pressure as the NHS creaks and strains due to funding cuts, started under ex-PM Cameron’s austerity cuts.

The former restaurant worker was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer four years ago and underwent gruelling chemotherapy to treat it. 

But the deadly disease returned and in April 2013 Gina had her right breast removed to get rid of the tumour. The grandmother-of-three had been told that after the breast was removed, her skin would be expanded and an implant inserted to give her a brand new boob. Surgeons promised that her left breast would then be lifted to make it more perky, so that her size 42C boobs would be symmetrical.

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