Traffic brought to standstill as cops help bevy of swans cross the road

Commuters were brought to a standstill yesterday morning as police helped a bevy of swans cross the road.

Motorists watched as two swans and five cygnets waddled across Bath Road, in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Officer PC Wilson helped feather the family-of-seven to the nearby canal while holding a ‘Police Slow’ traffic sign.

Another police officer was seen halting traffic along the usually busy A46, near Wallbridge.

The adventurous flock were also spotted parking up at a local Kwik Fix garage yesterday morning.

Local Steve Swan tweeted the picture with the caption: “Stroud Swan family holiday held up with puncture. Today at 9am!”

Having successfully ushered the bevy of swans to safety, cops took to sharing their good deed on social media.

Referencing hit 2007 film Hot Fuzz Stroud Police tweeted actor Simon Pegg with the caption; “It’s more than one swan, actually @simonpegg #GreatSwanAdventure2018”.

Twitter user Grace Hough quipped: “Police doing an excellent job of swanning around”.
Richard Mansell replied: “Glos’shire’s own Swan Upping!!”

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