Tommy Robinson posts videos defending bully who ‘waterboarded’ Syrian refugee

Tommy Robinson has shared videos on social media defending an alleged bully who waterboarded a Syrian schoolboy.

The EDL man, who was recently recruited by UKIP leader Gerard Batten, blamed the victim for the disturbing attack saying he has been targeted by “left-wing fascists” because he was “white”.

In a number of videos shared on a fan’s Twitter account, Robinson fumed over the sympathy shown to the refugee and his family.

He said: “Why is this [Syrian] kid being portrayed as the ultimate victim in this whole entire country?

“This [English] kid has stood up for himself on his lunch break.

“If you’ve seen that story, that young boy has been driven from his home, he’s been targeted by the whole entire left wing fascist [members] of this country.

“Tracked down, found his address, posted online threats to murder him, home under constant attack because he stood up to a Syrian refugee.

“That young kid – how bad.”

A harrowing video showing a 15-year-old refugee getting bullied went viral this week and has seen an outpouring of support for the victim who moved from the war-torn city of Homs in Syria in 2010 after their relatives were murdered and tortured by regime of Bashir Assad.

The clip shows the 15-year-old victim with his arm in a cast being dragged to the floor by his neck as his attacker says “I’ll drown you” on a school playing field.

The teen then pours a bottle of water in his face while others watch and cheer.

A Go Fund Me page was set up to support the young boy and his family more than £125,000 was raised by well-wishers in less than 48 hours.

But the English Defence League founder Robinson says the bully has been treated unfairly because he was English.

He added: “Because he stood up to a Syrian boy, the whole of England attacks him.

“Everyone comes out in full attack for him and now he’s in hiding.

“He grabbed someone by the throat and poured a little bit of water on him. It’s not waterboarding.”

Robinson fumed: “It’s because he’s Syrian, because he’s a refugee and because the kid is white and English – that’s why this has been blown up.”


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