Thug who stamped on flatmate before setting him on fire is jailed for ten years

A thug who stamped on his flatmate and set him on fire in a drunken rage has been jailed for ten years.

Kevin Stanley, 48, battered the 54-year-old victim after he offered him a roof over his head because he was living on the streets.

Stanley launched a frenzied attack on the victim in the kitchen of the ground floor flat they shared on Cinderhill Walk, Bulwell, Notts., at 4am on May 31.

A court heard Stanley stamped on the man before placing newspaper around his body and setting it on fire.

He then dialled 999 and confessed he had attacked someone and may be charged with attempted murder.

Officers dashed to the victim’s home and found the man lying on the floor with burns to his arms, chest and face surrounded by charred newspaper.

He also had three shoe impressions on his back which were consistent with being stamped on.

Stanley was arrested at the scene and initially claimed the man had set fire to himself.

On Friday (9/11) Stanley was jailed for ten years at Nottingham Crown Court after he admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

Detective Inspector Chanelle Whitney, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was savage and extreme violence by Stanley following an argument with his flatmate.

“The victim suffered 16 per cent burns and nasty injuries to his head and body. This could have easily been a lot more serious.

“Officers were quickly on the scene and captured bodyworn footage of Stanley admitting he had carried out the attack.

“Thankfully the victim is now recovering and hopefully this sentence will give him some comfort.”

By Richard McAllister

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