Thug hurled racial abuse and waved a knife around just hours after being released from prison

A thug hurled racist abuse at a man while brandishing a knife, screaming to “get out of this country” just hours after being released from prison.

John Sweeney was seen arguing in the street with Adedayo Fadeyi (doub corr) while telling him to “put the knife down”.

The 33-year-old pursued his victim, who then stopped and turned around before Sweeney tried to pass the knife to someone else.

The two men exchanged blows and after Sweeney was punched on the nose, he picked up a walking stick and swung it around.

Fresh from prison, Sweeney threw the stick and Mr Fedayi picked it up and started swinging it around before he racially abused him telling him to “get out of this country”.

CCTV cameras caught Sweeney repeatedly trying to attack his victim in Maidstone, Kent, on September 1.

When officers arrived Sweeney then shouted racist insults to a PC of Asian descent.

After his arrest he was let out of his cell to make a phone call and when it did not connect he started swinging punches at a female officer.

At Maidstone Crown Court on Friday Sweeney, originally from Donegal, Ireland, and of no fixed address, admitted possession of a knife, two counts of racially aggravated harassment and assaulting a police officer.

Prosecutor Robert De Banzie said: “She describes pain in her left arm. She said her whole body was shaking.”

Jailing him for two years and eight months, Judge Martin Joy told Sweeney: “Your behaviour is deeply anti-social and has to be stamped upon.

John Sweeney.

“The reality is this behaviour in the town centre was committed on the very day you were released from prison.

“Quite plainly, there has been racial language used among the violence. That clearly has to be stamped upon.

“The police are entitled to look to the courts for protection. A PC was injured by your disgraceful and violent behaviour. Those who commit these offences can only expect severe punishment.”

The painter and decorator, who has 241 offences on his record, claimed Mr Fadeyi was in his face and goading him.

Eve George, defending, said Sweeney had been released on licence for offences committed in June and had since been recalled.

She said: “He told me he is not racist. He used the terminology as a method of winding people up. He knew it would get to them.”

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