Three have-a-go heroes honoured for wrestling knifeman who stabbed pregnant woman

Three have-a-go heroes who tackled a crazed knifeman after he repeatedly stabbed a heavily pregnant woman have received bravery awards.

Natalie Queiroz, 40, was knifed 13 times in the chest and stomach when she was brutally attacked by fomer lover Babur Raja.

Ms Queiroz, who was 36 weeks pregnant, survived after three members of the public wrestled Raja to the ground the grabbed the ten-inch blade from him.

Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson with Natalie Queiroz and John Mitchell who helped after she was stabbed.

Company director Raja, 41, launched the frenzied attack as Ms Queiroz walked past Trinity Baptist Church in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids., at 3.15pm on March 4 last year.

Ms Queiroz, who lived nearby, came just 2mm from death after the carving knife narrowly missed a major artery.

She was airlifted to hospital where doctors performed an emergency caesarean and her baby daughter has now made a full recovery.

Raja was arrested at the scene and last June he was jailed for 18 years after admitting attempted murder and attempted child destruction at Birmingham Crown Court.

Natalie Queiroz (40), pictured outside Birmingham Crown Court following the sentencing of Babur Karamat Raja.

West Midlands Police have given three have-a-go heroes with bravery awards for their role in saving Ms Queiroz’s life.

John Mitchell, 69, Anthony Smith, 31, and Callum Gibson, 44, were presented with a Chief Constable Award at a ceremony attended by Ms Queiroz.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: “If it wasn’t for the quick actions and bravery of members of the public who put their own lives on the line to save Natalie and her unborn daughter, this could have ended much differently and may well have been a murder investigation.

Babur Raja.

“I truly commend them for what they did that day and it was a pleasure to present them with the awards.”

PCs Darren Knapper and Casandra Parry also received awards for performing emergency first aid, applying dressings and tourniquets to Ms Queiroz’s wounds.

outside the Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church Centre on Trinity Hill in Sutton Coldfield, where Natalie Queiroz, 40, was knifed 13 times in the chest and stomach when she was brutally attacked by fomer lover Babur Raja.

Ms Queiroz, who attended the ceremony, said: “I want to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to the courageous people who came to the aid of myself and my unborn child.”


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