Teenager warning others about a ”drink spiking epidemic” after finding a blue pill at the bottom of her glass

A teenager is warning others about a ”drink spiking epidemic” after finding a blue pill at the bottom of her glass.

Zyi Granger, 19, was on a night out in her hometown when she left her vodka and lemonade unattended for less than a minute when she went to the loo.

She says she took a small sip of her drink after picking it up but didn’t notice anything was wrong until she spotted the pill in her glass.

Zyi, of Penzance, Cornwall, said: ”I got a drink from the bar which was fine, as I know the bar person.

“About half an hour later I went outside and my friends were discussing leaving so I put my drink down for about 30 seconds on a bench next to the exit to check the time on my phone.

“So as we were leaving I took a small sip of my drink and said I was going to the toilet quickly.

”The light was better in the bathroom, so as I went to sip it again to finish it, I noticed the blue pill in the bottom and I freaked out.

“I took the pictures and told my friends. One of my friends went the bar and started shouting and asked if anyone had seen anything.

“There were some older men in black jackets near the drink when I put it down but it could have been anyone.”

Zyi and her friends believe the pill might have been a sleeping tablet of some sort.

“It wasn’t Viagra like some people thought having seen the pictures,” she said. “And it didn’t look like ecstasy. I handed the drink over to the bar.”

Zyi said she hasn’t reported the incident to police.

“The chances of catching the person who did it is not very big,” she said. “I’d rather raise awareness about it because this happens a lot in Penzance.”

“It happened to me before. I was spiked at a festival. And that really affected me.”

She added: “I was talking to a couple of friends and this happens often in Penzance.

”My friend got spiked last weekend. My mum has been spiked, another friend has been spiked with LSD.

“A couple of people have commented on Facebook and said they had been spiked this month, so it seems like a few people are going around doing it at the moment.

“Personally I think the motive is – it definitely wasn’t ecstasy – so it’s to get you unaware of what’s happening so they can take you home, basically.

“So try not to leave your drink anywhere, and if you do put your drink down, check it before you drink anything.”

Police said drink spiking was reported in Devon and Cornwall 76 times in 2017, almost double the 39 in 2016 and 19 times as many as 2015, when there were four.


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