Surrey thug spared jail after assaulting six police officers went on another rampage two weeks later

A thug spared jail after assaulting six police officers went on a rampage two weeks later – by battering another copper and two others.

Magistrates gave James Davies, 29, a suspended jail sentence after he viciously assaulted arresting officers at his home on September 27.

But the raging thug was arrested again just weeks later after police found a woman with facial injuries – and he pulled a knife on arresting officers.

Davies, of Reigate, Surrey, has now been jailed for a year for all the assaults including another against his neighbour during the second incident on October 11.

Surrey Police Borough Commander Angie Austin said: “The sentence handed to Davies at the weekend reflects how seriously assaults on our staff whilst they are on duty are taken.

“We will not tolerate violence against our officers or staff and will always take action against those who think this is acceptable.

“Our officers face potentially dangerous situations and willingly put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of the public every day, and they should always feel valued and protected while they are doing so.”

Davies had been given a 26-week jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to £470 costs after he pleaded guilty to assaulting the six officers at his home.

Police found him armed with a belt around his fist after he ripped a car door handle off in a road rage dispute in Reigate, JPs heard.

He dropped his weapon but headbutted an officer in the face and viciously punched him as he fell onto his mattress where he had hidden a large kitchen knife.

A Surrey Police spokesman said: “A Taser was drawn and after numerous requests, he dropped the belt. After a short negotiation an officer tried to handcuff him.

“Davies headbutted the arresting officer in the face before launching into a violent assault, pushing the dazed officer back onto the bed and punching him repeatedly.

“The Taser was discharged and Davies was brought under control and arrested. A large kitchen knife was found tucked under the mattress within arm’s reach.

“During his transport to custody, and whilst he was in custody, he assaulted further officers by kicking out, punching them and spitting at them.”

Police were called to his home exactly two weeks after he was spared jail and found a woman being treated by paramedics for facial injuries.

The spokesman added: “Davies came out of his flat armed with a knife behind his back which he pulled on an officer as she approached him.

“Taser was again drawn and Davies immediately went to his knees, placed his hands upon his head and was swiftly arrested. ”

Davies was remanded in custody and pleaded guilty to all assault charges against him.

His 26-week suspended jail term was activated and he was jailed for a further 16 weeks for assaulting the woman.

He got five-week jail terms for assaulting the police officer he pulled his knife to and assaulting another member of the public at his block of flats.

Davies was slapped with a two-year restraining order banning preventing him from contacting either of the victims and not to go back to the flats.

Davies was also ordered to pay £150 victim surcharge on October 13.


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