How To Successfully Survive A Career Change

Sometimes, a change in profession and career is a choice that can provide you with a sense of relief, but also one of trepidation. More often than not, a career change comes about because an employee is very unhappy in their current job role, or comes from a want to change industry to something that is better suited to their talents. Surviving a career change can be somewhat difficult, particularly if you’re going into something that you have never experienced before and is totally different from anything that you already know. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult. Here, we’ve put together some top tips on how you can successfully survive a career change.


Relevant Qualifications

Knowing your way around the role that you are about to enter into or having some knowledge of the industry will help to ensure that you are able to settle in and understand your new job role in a much easier way. Taking a relevant qualification in your new role can really help to ensure that you are one step ahead of the game, providing you with a significant advantage throughout your career change. If, for example, you are looking to move out of your industry and attempt a new role in project management, you may want to consider undergoing PRINCE2 training with a reliable provider in order to give you some techniques, and a number of employers will also look for this kind of knowledge and qualification.

There are a number of relevant qualifications and courses that you can undergo to suit a broad range of industries, and these can be carried out online or with a training provider. You may even find that your new employer with your different career will be able to provide you with funding for a qualification, to help you settle into your career change in a much easier way.


Create A Support Network

A career change can be emotionally draining for a huge number of people involved, for the employee directly and for those around them. There can be a lot of stress and upset in light of the change and because of that, it is important that you grow some form of support network around you. Whether that’s your family and friends who are tasked with taking your mind away from the daunting prospect of an entirely different job role, or even your new colleagues, who will be able to help you settle into the role in a much easier way. There’s nothing better than drawing from the experience of those who have gone through a similar transitional period to what you’re going through with your career change, and this can really help to ensure that your experience is more seamless.


Obtain Professional Direction

One of the easiest ways to survive a career change is to obtain some form of professional direction, whether that’s from your new colleagues and bosses, or from a connection that you may know from the same industry. Having some form of direction about what you can achieve and how to achieve it when it comes to a career change can be exceptionally beneficial.

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