Stunning pics show bright moon rising over ancient ridge on the Shopshire Hills

These stunning photographs show a bright full moon rising over an ancient ridge in the picturesque Shropshire Hills.

Andrew Fusek Peters, 52, captured the lunar rising over Manstone rock in the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve on Tuesday (26/6).

His photographs picture the moon over the Stiperstones ridge – which is some of the oldest rock formation on the planet at 480 million years old.

The beautiful images show The Strawberry Moon – which signals the halfway point of this year’s 13 full moon phases.

Andrew, of Lydbury North, Shrops. said: “I’ve been doing this type of moon photography for four years.

“I also photograph nature and landscapes and in a lot of ways the styles are very similar.

“To get this type of picture you have to use a lot of phone apps to align yourself and get in the right spot.

“Anyone can take a picture of the moon – the challenge for photographers is to get a picture of it behind something like a landmark.”

The dad-of-two said he decided to photograph Manstone rock because it had never been done before – and he knew it would make an beautiful shot.

The rock is the highest point of the Stipertones ridge at 536 metres above sea level, and is named after its main tor of rock which is shaped like a man’s head.

He said: “I decided to photograph it rising over Manstone rock because it’s one of the most beautiful landmarks in Shropshire.

“Part of it is also to take a picture that hasn’t been taken before – and no one had done this before.

“These are the first ever to be taken.”

The author-turned-photographer said the best time to photograph moon rise is a day or two before full moon, when it rises during the ‘golden hour’ before sunset.

Andrew said: “I got there about half an hour before the moon rise and I was chatting to a farmer.

“I couldn’t see the moon when I was supposed to – but then the farmer said ‘There it is!’ and I was about 100 metres out of position, so I had to sprint to take the shot.

“There’s a lot of sprinting around in photography.”

Strawberry Moon rising over Glastonbury Tor in the evening when it was 99.8% full.

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