Staying within our comfort zones is becoming increasingly prominent

Risk-averse Brits are increasingly playing if safe, with nine out of ten admitting to living within their comfort zones.

According to new research seven in ten say they typically try to avoid change or trying new things, preferring the tried and tested. Reasons for people staying put include worrying about what will happen after trying something different, with one in five admitting they’re not very adventurous.

How depressing.

Nearly a third of Brits will avoid changing their hairstyle to stay within their comfort zone, and one in ten won’t even try a new pub. Almost a quarter say that swapping their normal breakfast for something else would be dangerously out of their comfort zone.

The study of 2,000 Brits was conducted by, who were trying to discover how bold Brits really are.

Their spokesman Greg Tatton-Brown said: “It seems that sticking to a tried-and-true routine is as British as a pot of tea, cucumber sandwich or rain in June.

“Our results showed that 90 per cent tend to have the same routine day in, day out – and far from being bored by it, people seem to prefer it that way.

“But at Casumo we exist to shake things up a bit – so we wanted to see if we could take two ordinary blokes and show them how much fun life can be when you make it a little more extreme.

“This video will definitely get pulses racing and we hope it can inspire people to get out of their comfort zones once in a while.”

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