Shocking: Huntsman whips protester across the head with a riding crop

This is the shocking moment a huntsman allegedly appears to WHIP a female saboteur across the head – with a riding crop.

Body-camera footage from the West Midlands Hunt Sabateurs reveals a clash with the Atherstone Hunt on a footpath.

The protesters claim the horsemen were backing into the sabs before one rider shouts: “It’s dangerous here. Come on, be fair.”

Then a loud thump is heard followed by a scream before the riding man is caught on camera with his riding crop up near the injured woman hunched over in pain.

Sabs claim the woman was taken to hospital following the clash in Shackerstone, Leicestershire, on Saturday for a large gash in her head to be glued.

Meanwhile they claim footage shot later in the day reveals the same man SPITTING at another protester.

Leicestershire Police arrested a man on suspicion of ABH and he has been bailed pending further investigation.

A spokesman for the sab group said: “On Saturday 11th February in a completely unprovoked attack a female saboteur was hit over the head with a riding crop by a member of the Atherstone Hunt.

“Body camera footage from another saboteur shows the female saboteur leaning over a wall with her head in her hands whilst a rider next to her quickly lifts his riding crop up and moves away.

“After trying to back his horse into the saboteurs he then attacked when they were walking away from him.

“The female saboteur was immediately taken to hospital to get her injuries treated, at the hospital she had to have the split in the head glued back together.

“The incident was witnessed by an independent member of the public who was out walking at the time.

“Later that day when confronted about what he had done the same man then starts spitting at another saboteur and uses homophobic language.

“Leicestershire Police seized several riding crops and a man was arrested and taken into custody in relation to the incident.

“This is yet another attack by the Atherstone Hunt on a female and comes only weeks after one of their supporters was given a conditional caution for his sexist language.

“Sexism and misogamy seem to be a deeply rooted problem at the Atherstone Hunt and the wider hunting community in general.

“From the followers and supporters all the way up to the hunts directors there seems to be a real bigotry and hatred towards women.”

The video taken at around midday appears to show three sabs confronting the hunt before one apparently grabs a protester.

She shouts: “Get the f*** off me” and the rider replies: “It’s dangerous here. Come on, be fair.”

The woman then points her camera at another rider wearing a bodycam and says: “She’s just filmed that” before the alleged strike happens.

The man then says: “What? I’ve done nothing. Look it’s f***ing dangerous here, you idiot.”

Another sab filming can be heard saying: “You just f***ing hit her over the head.”

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said: “One man has been arrested on suspicion of ABH following a report of an assault which is alleged to have happened in Derby Road, Shackerstone, on Saturday 11 February.

“He has been bailed pending further enquiries.”

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  1. Aura Hazel

    Shocking implies that Atherstone attacking sabs is an irregular thing, they run at activists , wear at them, threaten them, or attack them on a regular basis. This is a regular thing for them. They do not want their faked “trail” hunts observed when they are clearly actively hunting illegally and calling it a trail hunt despite overwhelming evidence it is not one.

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