Save some hens for a quid – 12,000 Free-range hens destined for slaughter house are £1-each

A whopping 12,000 free-range hens destined for the slaughter house are up for grabs at just £1-EACH.

Despite helping to provide a banquet across Britain’s breakfast tables thousands of the healthy egg-laying birds face being killed.

Every year Babthorpe Hall Farm, near Selby, North Yorks., offer up ‘their ladies’ to members of the public for just a quid.

The idea is to ship in 12,000 new hens to the farm every 13 months to avoid ‘deteriorating shell quality’ – so the owners are forced to ditch their old broods.

In January 2017 all the hens were re-homed to the amazement of farm owner Sheena Seels who is hoping for something similar this year.

Ms Seels said: “‘The hens have a lovely temperament and just need a bit of space to roam.

Hens at Babthorpe Hall Farm, near Selby, North Yorks.

“It seems a shame for them to go to slaughter – they will save people a lot of money on buying eggs.

“If anyone can give a hen a forever home that would mean a lot to everyone at Babthorpe Hall Farm.

“The hens are commercial laying hens around 17 months old, all very well looked after – and still laying lots of eggs.”

The re-homing event will run today (sat) and tomorrow (sun) from 9:30am until 4pm and again from 9am until 1pm on Monday, January 8 until Thursday, January 11.

Anyone wanting more then 50 hens are asked to message the Babthorpe Hall Farm Facebook page, or text 07596230327 between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

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  1. Pam Thompson

    A hen is *never* known as a brood, either young or old. Saving a hen might seem a wonderful thing to do, and fresh eggs are lovely, but they require time and money to keep them safe and in healthy conditions.If everyone ‘saved’ a spent hen there would be no chicken pies, chicken nuggets, chicken soup, frozen chicken ready meals.

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