Richmond boozer has received unlikely honour for having the cutest pub dog in the entire country

A much-loved Cocker Spaniel has been named Britain’s cutest pub dog.

Rudi, a show-type Spaniel, was handed the accolade in new book Great British Pub Dogs, and was also nominated for ‘top pub dog’.

The adorable 18-month-old puppy lives with owners Chris and Gillian French and their 10-year-old daughter Mia at the Mitre pub in Richmond-upon-Thames, south west London.

Chris, 40, said Rudi was an ‘instant hit’ with locals in the posh gastropub.

He said: “He’s a great pub dog, he’s got bags of personality and gets along with everyone from children who love playing with him to our regulars.

“His tail never stops wagging – he’s the welcome committee.

“He’s also really great with other dogs, which is good because a lot come into the pub.”

Rudi, a show-type Spaniel

The famous pooch will even be appearing on ITV News this evening – but Chris says he’s ‘trying to keep him grounded so he doesn’t become a total diva’.

Happy pup Rudi enjoys frolicking around the pub with best friend Owain, a four-year-old black Labrador.

But Chris has been forced to ban the troublesome pup from nearby Richmond Park after he caused two deer stampedes.

The couple bought the dog as as a surprise for daughter Mia.

Rudi, a show-type Spaniel with owner Chris French.

The Mitre pub in Richmond-upon-Thames, south west London.

Chris added: “We told Mia we were going to the supermarket and came back with a puppy.

“She couldn’t believe it.

“It’s been great for her.

“She’s not afraid of other dogs anymore, she’s very confident and goes straight up to them in the street.

“For me he’s a companion.

“We started the pub two years ago and built it up from scratch.

“I spent a lot of time by myself for a long time before we hired anyone else, and during the times when you can get a bit down, you just look at his face and can’t help but cheer up.

“Every time I look at him it melts my heart, and he is as much a part of the family and the pub as any human.”

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