Rees-Mogg stuck for response after being confronted by man who says voting Leave cost him his marriage

Jacob Rees-Mogg was stuck for a response after being confronted by a man who said voting Leave cost him his marriage.

The prominent Brexiteer and leader of the European Research Group (ERG) met with a consultant gynaecologist, who voted Leave because he believed it would provide more money to the NHS, in Lewisham this week.

But he could offer little support after being told the decision had destroyed his marriage to his wife, who is a German doctor.

Footage filmed in South London with Channel 4 News saw Rees-Mogg join Alastair Campbell to gauge public appetite as MPs debate Theresa May’s Brexit deal before the crunch vote next Tuesday.

The healthcare specialist said: “I very naively voted to leave and my wife casually asked me one evening what my voting decision was and I put it into a very succinct situation, I told her what I did and it was like lighting the blue touch paper and standing back.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who felt so devastatingly betrayed, upset, let down and we’ve got two daughters 15 and 18 at the moment, and as far as I’m concerned that was the end of a very successful marriage.”

Watch the response here:

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  1. rosemary rimmer-clay

    Rees-Mog says ‘it’s heart-breaKing for you’…zero compassion. All Rees-Mogg cares about is his off-shore tax investments. He is a cad.

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