Recap: Thatcher’s British Rail advert that got canned over suspicions Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliac

If this is how the Conservatives run a nationalised rail network then no wonder they aren’t overly keen on bringing back British Rail.

A new advert has been leaked online over 30 years since it was originally filmed with Jimmy Savile fronting the ‘Age of the Train’ campaign.

The ad, which was commissioned by Margaret Thatcher, had to be canned after lawyers advised the then popular DJ had been having sex with bodies at a morgue in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks.

Savile was then dropped from the TV campaign promoting the InterCity 125 service.

Today the old InterCity trains still run most crucial high-speed lines, although the fares being advertised in the video are a long-lost memory.

Average rail ticket prices rose by 3.4 per cent across the UK today in the biggest increase to fares since 2013.

Campaigners warned that many people were being “priced off” UK railways, while Labour described the network as “fractured, expensive and complex”.


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