Pub-goer photographs spooky image of ‘ghost’ in message to pal

A drinker reckons he found a different kind of spirit in an historic pub – after this spooky apparition appeared in a photograph he snapped on a night out.

Tom Evans, 25, took the shot inside the Old Fish Market Pub in Bristol and sent it to a friend.

But when he flicked back through his pictures the next day he noticed the ghostly outline of a pale-faced woman sitting very low to the ground.

She appears to sitting between two people in conversation, but Tom does not recall a chair being there or anyone occupying that spot.

He also believes the bespectacled woman in the image is too proportionally small to be a fully-grown person.

Tom was drowning his sorrows at after England’s Six Nations loss to France on March 10 (Sat) when he took the picture.

The student at University of the West of England was with five other people at the time -who didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

A man has photographed a spooky apparition in this pub – and thinks it could be a GHOST.

He said: “I messaged a friend who asked where I was and took a snap of the pub without a second thought.

“The next day he asked if I’d seen the strange face in the image which I hadn’t noticed at the time.

“I don’t think there is a chair or sofa in that area of the pub for someone to be sitting down – the face is really low down as well.

A man has photographed this spooky apparition in a pub – and thinks it could be a GHOST.

“I would like to think it’s something paranormal, that would be cool. I’m open-minded but haven’t encountered anything like a ghost before.”

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