Police staff so badly paid they can’t even afford to buy their children clothes

A shocking GMB report has revealed that some civilian police staff are so badly paid they can’t even afford to buy their children new clothes.

The poll, conducted by the GMB – the union for civilian police staff – also reveals 70 per cent are stressed at work, while 75 per cent are unhappy at the Government pay cap.

Members were very open about what caused their stress – excessive workloads and poor leadership and management.

More than half of GMB members blame stress on poor management and an absence of leadership, and many though management simply ‘don’t care’.

One member from Yorkshire, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “My parents still help out with my son’s clothing and unexpected bills.

“I want to be able to live myself and not get handouts.”

Another member from the North West said: “I am actually worse off, in terms of net pay, than I was 12 months ago.”

GMB demands the Government and the police:

  • Stop further cuts to civilian staff and to recruit more staff to ease the workload and pressure;
  • Lift the 1% pay cap on civilian police staff pay and pay GMB members a proper wage
  • Take action to identify the causes of stress and take action to eliminate it;
  • Undertake a comprehensive programme of training management at all levels about the appropriate way to manage civilian staff.

Kevin Brandstatter, GMB Lead Officer for Police Staff, said: “This report is an utterly damning indictment of the way our members working for the police are being treated by their managers, many of whom are uniformed officers, and the way that austerity has hit them in the pocket.

“The Government has pinched enough of our members’ pay – now they want it back.

“The hypocrisy of the Government, which gives handouts to private corporations, and allows others to pay minimal tax, stands in complete contrast to the Governments treatment of workers, cutting real wages and benefits and causing a leap in the number of working calls people struggling to make ends meet while in full time work.

“The levels of stress felt by these hard working public service workers are not acceptable and we want senior managers of the polices forces to address this now.

“Negotiations on pay begin soon. GMB will work hard to secure a decent outcome for members.”

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