Police release defiant mugshots of the Britain First leaders early because of impact they have had on the community

Police have released defiant mugshots of the Britain First leaders – because of the impact the vile pair had on the community.

Paul Golding and deputy Jayda Fransen launched a ‘campaign of abuse’ against Muslims during a court case where a teen had been raped.

The pair, from Penge, south east London, were jailed at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday for religiously-aggravated harassment.

Fransen, 32, was sentenced to nine months in prison and Golding, 36, was jailed for four-and-a-half months.

Videos were posted online in which Fransen claimed to be exposing four offenders who were on trial for raping a teenage girl above a takeaway in Ramsgate.

Leaflets about the case had also been distributed to members of the public.

On May 5, Golding filmed her trying to enter the takeaway and shouting abuse at innocent people inside.

Four days later, she banged on the front door of a house and shouted abuse while a woman and her two young children were inside, and a video of the incident was later posted online.

The following day, May 10, a vulnerable Canterbury man learned that a video had been posted online in which his address was wrongly identified as the home of one of the men on trial.

Leaflets entitled ‘Exposing Muslim Rapist’ had also been posted through his front door and those of his neighbours, forcing him to move house.

Detective Inspector Bill Thornton of Kent Police said: “The crimes committed by Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were abhorrent and motivated by religious insensitivities.

“They claimed to be exposing the men who had been accused of rape when in reality they knew little about the case in question and could have put the trial at risk due to their reckless actions.

“It was the bravery of the female who was attacked and the tireless work of Kent Police detectives who ensured the men responsible are now serving a significant period of time behind bars, not because of any misguided attempt by Golding and Fransen to claim credit for their conviction by bringing religion into the equation.

“The fact that completely innocent members of the public were accused of being rapists, making them fear for their own safety, shows how little regard they have for the consequences of their actions.

“Kent Police simply will not tolerate any offences that are motivated by prejudice and hate, and will investigate all such incidents thoroughly in order to bring those responsible in front of the courts.”


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